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Treatments & Price List

Our Dental Care Treatments

‘Care’ really is the most important aspect of anything we do. Weather we are performing a simple filling or a tooth extraction, you can be assured of our care and attention. We also offer a variety of aesthetic treatments, including teeth whitening and straightening.

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General Dentistry and Hygiene

From routine check-ups, scaling and white fillings to root canal treatments and tooth extractions, we have many years experience in treating people with skill and with care.

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Teeth Whitening

A 6-9 shade change is possible using Illuminé, offering your patients predictability and performance.

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Gum Recession Reversal

Introducing Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation - a more comfortable alternative of treatment for gum recession as compared with the classical surgical approach.

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Emergency Care

If you are experiencing pain or severe discomfort, we will aim to see you within 24 hours.

Our plan is designed for patients who wish to attend the practice on a regular basis and have peace of mind that their preventive dental care is covered.

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Dental Implants

A single dental implant can support one, or several, replacement teeth – you don’t need to have one implant per replacement tooth.

Price List 2020

Exam related services

New patient exam £52.50
Routine Exam £32.45
Child exam under 10y (with no parents registered) £15.00
Child exam under 10y (with parents registered) Free
Child exam above 10-18 years old £22.00
Intraoral x-ray £19.90
Study cast models £65.00
Articulated study models £84.00
Clinical photographs £30.00

Surgical related services

Soft tissue surgery / gingivectomy £65.25
Surgical extraction £218.00
Simple extraction £165.00
Mobile tooth extraction £99.00


Tooth bonding composite veneer £292.50
Ceramic veneer £585.00


Re-cement bridge £95.00
Temporary bridge made in the surgery (per unit) £55.00
Temporary bridge made in the laboratory (per unit) £97.00
Maryland bridge pontic £450.00
Maryland bridge metal wing £355.00
Maryland bridge zirconia wing £450.00
Bridge (per unit) £498.00
Fibre reinforced composite bridge (per tooth) £220.00

Periodontal services

Dentomycin (per syringe) £99.00
Splitting with reinforced composite resin (per tooth) £99.00
Pinhole surgery 1-2 teeth From £1199.00
Pinhole surgery one quadrant From £1675.00
Pinhole surgery full arch From £3250.00
Platelet rich fibrin From £298.50

Urgent services

Urgent pulpectomy monoradicular From £176.00
Urgent pulpectomy pluriradicular From £249.50
Antibiotic £15.00

Miscellaneous services

Treatment of sensitive cementum From £34.50
Clear mouth guard soft From £112.75
Clear mouth guard hard/soft £138.00
Clear sports guard £145.00
Coloured sports guard £175.00
Essix retainer (per arch) £138.00

Hygiene services

New patient hygiene appointment £67.45
Routine hygiene appointment £59.00
Child hygiene appointment £25.00

Root canal treatment

Incisors/canines £403.00
Premolars £403.00
Molars £513.00

Root canal services - Re-treatment

Incisors/canines £445.00
Premolars £445.00
Molars £574.00

Filling related services

White fillings From £145.00
Temporary filling £65.50
Glass ionomer filling £98.00
Pinned retention 1pin £35.00
Fissure sealant per tooth £45.50

Inlay related services

Composite onlay / inlay £349.00
Porcelain inlay £470.00


Re-cement crown £72.00
Crown £498.00
Acrylic temporary crown £98.00
Cast metal post £157.00
Fiberglass + core build up £157.00
Pin/screw retention + core build up £99.50

Denture related services

Denture repair £83.00
Partial / full acrylic denture £699.00
F-F acrylic denture £1275.00
Chrome denture + acrylic £1360.00
Temporary Flexi denture (1-3 per tooth frontal) £368.00
Temporary Flexi denture (1-3 per tooth lateral) £483.00
Addition of 1 tooth £99.50
Addition of more than 1 tooth (per tooth) £72.00
Addition of clasp + 1 tooth £129.00
Addition of metal clasp £99.50
Addition of tooth colour clasp £199.50
Addition of metal mesh to strengthen denture £59.75
Soft denture reline £229.00

Tooth whitening services

Bleaching tray £146.00
Home bleaching single arch (1 syringe included) £275.00
Home bleaching upper and lower (3 syringes included) £389.00
Bleaching syringe only £35.00
Bleaching internal/external (per tooth) £212.50

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Service with a smile and an excellent standard of work.
This was my first visit to a Dentist where I did not have to have an injection!! I am so impressed with my new filling! It feels great! I could not recommend Corina enough!! Great job!
Belinda Whiteside
I can't thank Dr Mihailov enough. Having had an absolute fear of dentists for over 20 years, she sat me down and gave me a standard of treatment that has fixed the problems I had, ending up with a beautiful full set of teeth, and the pain that I had always had is finally gone.
Martyn Van Lancker